Advanced Dry Herb Vaporizer Canister
metal canister inside the vaporizer for containing herb...
All-in-One Vaporizer Holding Pot Black
Features:1. Open System Cartridge (Refillable)2. Stylish Design and Pocket Size3. Magnetic Charging4..
Fresh Juicy Mango shape Vaporizer Green
Features:1. Disposable Pod Cartridge2. Top Filling, Easy for End-User3. Dual Airflow Channel4. Autom..
High Light Oil Vaporizer Black
Features:1. Prefilled Cartridge2. Stylish Design and Pocket Size3. Magnetic Charging4. Build in Lith..
Multi Compatible with Oil Vaporizer
Features:1. Disposable pod cartridge2. Top filling, easy for end-user3. Dual airflow channel4. Ceram..
Pure Taste Preheating 3 level Wax/Shatter Pen Black
Features:1. Ceramic Heating Plate----Pure Taste Cleaner and More Environmentally2.Clear Mouthpiece a..
VIMP Advanced Dry Herb & Shatter Vaporizer with Water Bubbler
Features:1. Magnetic Induction Charging Port at the Bottom2. 0.96 Inch OLED Display3. Adjustable Vap..
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